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Section Officers

updated 10th April 2018



Ellen Henderson

Vice President

Joyce Bickley

Secretary  / Treasurer

Ann Clark




Ph: 07-863 8860   Fax: 07-863 7995


Opening Hours


Monday & Tuesday 12 noon to close

Wednesday - Sunday 11am to close

Statutory Holidays 1pm to close



Starting in 1939 our Women’s Section is a robust and enthusiastic group of 62 women which includes 10 Life Members. The Subs are $10 per year to join the Women’s Section only. On Sunday, 20 July 2014 the Waihi Memorial RSA Women's Section will be celebrating their 75th birthday.  This Women's Section is the oldest group in New Zealand.


A brief history of the first 10 years 1939 - 1949


On  13 July 1939 20 ex-servicemen's wives met at the Borough Council Chambers under the auspices of the Waihi RSA. The President occupied the chair and explained that it was greatly desired to have the co-operation of their womenfolk. Moved that this meeting form an organisation to assist the Waihi RSA in its active and social work. To be known as the Women's Auxiliary of the Waihi RSA. It was also mentioned that the ruling from the executive was that only ex-servicemen's wives be allowed membership. The Borough Chambers were available for meeting without charge.


Fees to be 1/- to join. The discussion arose as to what means would be used to raise funds. Mrs Thomson gave an outline of having one big function, say a Paddy's Market with assistance from the men's branch. It was moved to hold a Market on 24th November 1939.


On Nov 24th Women's Auxiliary held a Paddy's Market at the Miners Hall. They made £90. There were 24 stallholders. Flags and buntings were lent by the Farmers Trading co to decorate the hall.

It was resolved to send a letter of thanks to Mr Clark, chemist, for giving a slide for advertising the Market at Academy theatre. The Secretary asked members to consider making a grant of £5 towards the RSA funds for Xmas parcels usually given by them.


The 1st meeting for 1940 was held 22 Feb . Announcements were made related to the Ladies night to be held by members of the RSA on 24th July also re the forthcoming picnic at a meeting of the joint social committee of both branches. The Women's Auxiliary to donate the cakes required and assist the men at lunch and afternoon tea at the picnic.


It was moved that this branch hold a social afternoon for the members of the Waikino Ladies branch at the Foresters Hall, at 1.30pm Mar 28th. There were to be lucky door prizes, mystery box competition, cigarette card matching competition, plus singing and recitation.


There was a request for books and magazines for the troops.


A most successful function was held at the Foresters Hall on 28 Mar to welcome the Waikino members of the ladies branch of the RSA. There were 67 present.


Meeting of 18 April. Accept invitation to Waikino Ladies branch and bus to be hired. Committee to sell poppies on 19 April. They also paid £29.15.4 for 4 graves of deceased soldiers as requested by RSA.


Meeting in May 1940. It was moved that we always invite mother and wives of soldiers on service as our guests at any function. A social evening to be held on 13 July. There were 60 people present and there was dancing to music by the RSA orchestra and solos, duets and recitations.


A gift afternoon was held 17 Oct and another Paddy's Market on 22 Nov.


The first meeting for 1941 took place at the Parrish Hall with a gratifying attendance. Mrs Thomson suggested that we hold an open social afternoon next month in lieu of a general meeting and the funds be used for purchasing going away gifts for soldiers by the RSA.


July meeting. Through our good offices, gifts were being given to all uniformed men serving overseas and everything possible was done to induce their wives to join our ranks. Rental for using the Parrish  Hall for meetings was 2/-.  Another gift afternoon planned to raise money for the cigarette fund for soldiers. Plans for another Paddy's market to aid the war funds.

At Sept meeting it was moved that mothers of soldiers be admitted as members of this auxiliary for the duration of the war. A circular to be sent to them. As a result 12 mothers joined and more expressing their intention to do so later.


Mar 19 1942 meeting. Our name was changed to the Women's Section of the Waihi RSA.


April 1942 meeting of the Women's Section of the RSA was held in the Church of England Hall. Members were to gather at the Band Hall to peel onions for bottling for the RSA stall. At the May meeting, members told that 61 bottles of pickled onions were done. It was decided a sick & visiting committee to be formed. During afternoon tea the question of the sugar ration was mentioned. The Sec was asked to see if we could get an allowance for our meetings.


June 1942 It was decided to open our meetings with singing the NZ Anthem and close with God Save the King.


July meeting. It was decided to continue with Paddy's market on a smaller scale due to rationing of various commodities.


Special Exec meeting 5 August 1942. A suggestion was put forward at that the RSA be approached to build a hall for use of men & Women's Section after the war.


May 1943. Formed Women's Section singing circle with 8 members. Members were asked to save sugar to make sweets for Paddy's market.


May 1944. Members asked about a Women's Section badge. This idea to placed before the RSA for future reference.


June 1944. It was mentioned that the RSA were attempting to buy the St Johns Ambulance rooms for a clubroom. The ladies offered to buy the building & charge RSA rent or put down a deposit.


Sept 1944. A meeting of Women's Section exec and RSA men's exec discussed the building fund & it was decided that the ladies would held where necessary. The Women's Section was asked to donate proceeds from the up coming Paddy's market to the building fund, Unanimous approval.


Dec 1944. Moved that £150  be given to the building fund.


Sept 1946. Moved that £350  be given to the building fund.


July 1947.The meeting went through a set of rules sent by the Dominion RSA to help with the formation of the Women's Section & a set of rules were adopted. A report of the building progress. The RSA were being held up owing to the permit being refused for the shifting of the building from Karangahake. Over 40 parcels were sent to the needy in Britain. Negotiations were being made to purchase memorial gates for the entrance to the soldiers plot at the cemetery.


Oct 1974 Special committee meeting. Mr Blackmore, President RSA, told the committee that Waihi RSA were thinking of holding Grand Services Ball & inviting the Governor General to it. Probably at the beginning of Dec. He asked for 3 Women's Section members to be part of the organising committee.


A meeting of the combined exec committee on 10 Nov 1947. Mr Blackmore read a letter from Mr Nash stating the Gov had made a grant of £350  towards the RSA Hall. Tenders to be called for erecting of septic tanks in the Hall.


May 1948. Moved that £200  be allowed to the RSA for procuring trestle tables, forms, chairs & a piano. Also electric urns with ¾ taps to be included.


July 1948 The WS meeting was held at the RSA Hall for the 1st time.


The first birthday party of the Women's Section was to celebrate 10 years in June 1949 with invites to Waikino, Whangamata and Waihi Beach Women's Sections.